The Details

Everything you need to know:

Our Stage

  • You will have no problem seeing the show with our 23' tall stage
  • We have plenty of audio for everyone to hear & we'll broadcast directly into your vehicle
Outdoor concert stage


  • Tickets are purchased as individuals.  PODs are how we will keep attendees safe from COVID-19.
  • Each attendee (over 2 years old) must show a ticket upon entry.
  • You may have no more than 8 people in your 20'x20' POD. 
  • We would encourage (COVID Safe) carpooling. Less vehicles = better views. Please follow CDC guidance when choosing who to carpool with.
  • If you would like your vehicle near another group, you must be in line with each other. Spaces cannot be held.
  • Dont worry, we'll have a team of people on site to make sure you park in the right spot.

Where is my pod and what does it look like?

  • Below is an example of a POD (blue) and our full Layout. Click images to make them larger.

the best view possible

  • We will have 15' aisles in front and behind each POD. You'll never have another vehicle directly in front of you, blocking your view.
  • During the show guests may be in the vehicle, next to the vehicle or both for the best viewing.
  • We'd strongly encourage tailgates of hatchbacks or SUV’s to remain closed to allow the best viewing for everyone behind you.

On site experience

  • You may sit (on blankets or chairs you bring),  stand, dance, cheer, eat and drink in your POD. Dancing and cheering is especially encouraged!  Have fun, this is a concert, after all!
  • We encourage you to support our local restaurants. Grab takeout from your favorite restaurant, support one of our on site food trucks and eat it in your POD.
  • Please help us keep the space clean.  If you brought it in, please take it out.  Let’s leave the field cleaner than when we found it! 
  • Throughout the show, remember to start your engine occasionally.  Batteries drain fast! We don’t want to have any dead car batteries at the end of the show. (If it happens, we'll help you jump your car.)
  • Shows are rain or shine (unless dangerous conditions) 
  • Layouts are subject to change based on field conditions.

Supporting Restaurants

We're working on arranging partnerships with local restaurants to provide discounts for ticket holders. Here's who's involved so far: 

Ticket Pricing

(See layout above for color coded sections)

  • Tickets are sold individually and not as PODs. Imagine before COVID going to an outdoor concert. You could buy lawn seats per person and likely have to pay to park your car far away.  The tickets are the same with us, but we give you a free parking space next to you.
  • Green: $45 Per Adult Ticket
  • Yellow: $35 Per Adult Ticket
  • Blue: $25 Per Adult Ticket
  • Kids: $15 Dollars for children 2-10 years old no matter the location
  • Kids under 2 are FREE
  • Tickets are General Admission / first come first serve upon arrival per section. IE: if you purchase a Green ticket you are guaranteed to be in the first couple of rows.
  • Just a reminder that proceeds for the event go to charity!  Our beneficiaries are: Westfield on Weekends and Kiwanis Club of Westfield
  • All ticket purchases are final, but are transferable.


  • As the pandemic changes, our rules may change, too.
  • The safety of our patrons, artists, staff and crew is our number one priority. We are taking all the necessary precautions outlined by the CDC and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to provide proper and comfortable social distancing for all.
  • The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has removed its outdoor mask mandate. As long as you can properly social distance, you are not required to wear a mask. We will continue to follow state guidance.
  • Practice social distancing at all times if you leave your POD.
  • The goal of the night is to have fun, but we MUST be safe. We thank you for using common sense and following our state mandates to keep everyone safe!
  • The ticket holder voluntarily assumes all risks, hazards and dangers emerging from or relating to the risk of contracting a communicable disease or illness (including exposure to COVID-19, virus, bacteria, or other causing illness or communicable disease), whether exposure occurs before, during or after the event at the Drive-in, however it is contracted, and hereby waives all potential claims against the producers, promoters or sponsors relating to such risks.

Community - Be a part of our EXPERIENCE!

  • If you own a business / non-profit and want to discuss group tickets or sponsorship or just a creative way to get involved
  • If you are a vendor and want to discuss having your product on site
  • If you are a musician and would like to talk to us about your act
  • If you would like to help out on site during our shows in a variety of roles


How big is my POD and what does a 20'x20' mean?

Your POD is your home for the night. You can have up to 8 people and a vehicle in this space. You have a 20 foot by 20 foot empty patch of grass to be in. There are no physical walls/barriers in your POD.

As for the space, imagine having the equivalent of 2 parking spaces at the grocery store. You may sit next to your vehicle, in your vehicle, in front of your vehicle. Make the space your own to maximize the experience for you.

I have to leave my POD, can I?

Yes you may, as long as you are socially distanced, you may use the restroom, see any food vendor or sponsor. If you see friends outside of your POD, you must follow the 6' social distance and / or masking rules that we've all gotten used to.

If the Pandemic improves, can we change the rules?

We have already removed our outdoor mask mandate as the state / CDC has advised. We hope to continue loosening restrictions as the shows get closer.

We have a "back up" plan to remove cars from the equation, but that will be a call for our friends at the CDC, Commonwealth of MA and Public Health. If we get that green light from them we'll update our plans! For now, we're going to follow the rules and expect everyone to do so, too. We all have the same goal: 4 safe and fun shows.

Will there be public restrooms?

Portable restrooms will be made available. However, when walking to and from the restroom area, patrons must be wearing a mask, practicing social distancing.   Restrooms will be sanitized in accordance with local health guidelines.

Will there be food and drink on site?

That is our plan; we are currently looking for restaurants to sell food on site, but we also encourage attendees to buy take-out from our local restaurants and bring it in. However, due to the fact this show is held on school property we will be unable to sell alcohol on site.

Can I sit on top of my car?

We hate to ruin a good time, but sitting on top of your car roof, hood, or trunk will not be permitted. However, if you're in a flatbed truck, you may sit on that.

What happens if it rains during the event?

Unless it’s a dangerous electrical storm, the show will go on!

Can I leave the event and return?

Unfortunately, there will be no re-entry permitted.

I made it to the Boys and Girls Club, where do I go now?

You line up in front of the Amelia Park Childrens Museum (next to the Boys and Girls Club) . You'll follow the service road past the skate park and onto the field. There will be signs and people showing you where to go! For anyone who attended one of the Movie Nights last summer, we'll be using the same process.

Is this the same as the Artworks Downtown Live Series?

No, however since their shows are on Fridays and ours are on Saturdays there is plenty of great music to go around! Here is a link to the Artworks Facebook page for more information on their series.

What types of vehicles are allowed in the Drive-in?
  • Our team will attempt to direct traffic with the best stage viewing in mind. IE: Larger vehicles may be placed to the outer edges of the rows
Why types of vehicles are prohibited?
  • Sprinter vans
  • Winnebago's/RVs
  • Large trucks
  • Bus
  • Any vehicle that is above 7' high


  • Fireworks
  • Grills/Propane
  • Flags
  • Illegal drugs
  • Signs/Banners
  • Tents
  • Video recording
  • Firearms
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Inflatables
  • Smoking
  • Drones

Still Have Questions?

  • Make sure to keep an eye on our Facebook page for frequent updates
  • Please check this page often, details may change without notice. All details are subject to change
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